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Premium Quality Crystal Clear Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Use this screen protector to protect your Samsung Galaxy Tab LCD screen. Protect the image viewer from scratches or any damages. Reduce glare and protect the viewer from dirt and fingerprints. And don't forget to use the high quality cleaning cloth to clean the screen, which is also included in this package.

This precut LCD screen protector is made by special material, which is waterproof, highly transparent and high tensility. This product is ideal for protecting your valuable LCD screen of your Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Package Content:

  • 1 pc screen protector
  • 1 pc very high quality cleaning cloth

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Easy placement on LCD screen surface, no bubbles will form
  • Durability- strong and tough (It is recommended to replace the screen protector when it becomes fuzzy.)
  • Low dust attraction level
  • Great clarity- almost as smooth as silk
  • Screen Cloth for cleaning screen surface