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1800mAh 05020-160-0001-BAT, LIN337-001 Battery for Q Core Sapphire Epidural, Sapphire Multi-Therapy, PCA, TPN, Sapphire H100, Plus

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  1. Capacity: 1800mAh/Li-ion/7.4V/13.32Wh
  2. Dimension: 55.96 x 34.12 x 21.40mm
  3. Compatible Original Battery Part nos: 05020-160-0001-BAT, LIN337-001
  4. Compatible Models: Q Core 15029-000-0001, 15031-000-0001, 15032-000-0001, 15033-000-0001, 15038-043-0001, 15039-000-001, Sapphire Epidural, Sapphire Multi-Therapy, Sapphire PCA, Sapphire TPN, Sapphire H100, Sapphire Plus
  5. Battery Manufacturer - CameronSino
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