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Replacement BTPC56067A Battery for Crestron CNAMPX-16X60 MiniTouch

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  1. High Quality, high capacity rechargeable battery.
  2. No memory effect.
  3. Can be charged or discharged as needed without loss of capacity.
  4. Overcharge protection, with built-in battery life microchip.
  5. Volts: 3.7V
  6. Battery Type: Li-Polymer
  7. Capacity: 2100mAh/7.77Wh
  8. Dimension: 65.16 x 58.89 x 4.57mm
  9. Warranty: 12 months
  10. Compatible Part nos: MT-1000C-BTP, BTPC56067, BTPC56067A, BTPC56067B, PC046067H, RLP-008-2.1
  11. Compatible Models: Crestron CNAMPX-16X60 MiniTouch Wireless Handheld Touchpanel
  12. Note: This battery model is compatible with Original battery part no. PC046067-H which has connectors with pressure tab built in. This will not work with older battery part no. PC046067-H which have a simple white plug.