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HP iPaq h1900 h2200 h3800 h4100 h4300 h5400 h6300 hw6500 hx2000 hx4700 rw6100 rx3000 rz1700 series USB ActiveSync Charge Cable

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  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Multi-functional- Data Synchronization and Power Charger
  • Easy travel HotSync for your PDA to keep your data updated
  • Push tab on the side of the connector end to securely attach/detach the cable to your pda
  • Compatible: HP iPAQ h1910, h1915, h1920
    HP iPAQ h1930, h1935, h1937, h1945
    HP iPAQ h2200, h2210, HP iPAQ h2215
    HP iPAQ h3800, h3900
    HP iPAQ h4150, h4155, h4350, h4355
    HP iPAQ h5100, h5155, h5400, h5450, h5455
    HP iPAQ h5500, h5550, h5555
    HP iPAQ h6315, h6340, T-mobile iPAQ h6315
    HP iPAQ hx2000 hx2100 hx2400 hx2700
    HP iPAQ hx4700, hx4705
    HP iPAQ rw6100
    HP iPAQ RX3115, RX3715
    HP iPAQ RZ1710, RZ1715